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Re: logging out a ssh-user

Hi, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> Because it is fixed in upstream CVS and I have not merged the patch into
> the Debian package,

If it's fixed in the next upstream release I would also set the Upstream

> or because I have other changes pending which are incomplete.

Personally, I deal with that by cvs-or-whatever-ing a new working tree, or
(for more complex changes) there's branching.

You're free to work the way you work best, of course. For me, however, a
new bug tag for "long-term-pending" would feel like a cheap excuse for not
being organized enough to keep my bugfixes straightened out. (Umm, I think
I need to emphasize that this is me personally, and not to be construed as
a put-down on anybody. OK?)

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