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Re: logging out a ssh-user

Hi, Colin Watson wrote:

> Matthew's *got* a co-maintainer for ssh, as a cursory check of the
> changelog would have revealed. Hello.

I checked the bug page, which says the maintainer is Matthew.
I'll remember to also check the changelog next time, thanks. (Seriously.)

Anyway, if you think it's OK to have 80 open bugs on one package (not
counting minor+wishlist) ... well, personally I wouldn't want that, but
it's your package and it seems to work reasonably well otherwise, so I
guess I'll shut up now.

> ISTR that I tagged that bug pending because it was fixed in upstream CVS
> and that was a handy way to separate it out. I suppose I shouldn't do
> that really.

I wouldn't have said anything if the bug had noted that. In that case I
don't have a problem with a multi-week "pending" status.

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