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Bug#202907: language tasks pull in reams of huge packages

On Sat, Jul 26, 2003 at 10:11:22PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> The task information comes from Task: lines in the Packages file. To
> whit:

You are right, I forgot about that.

> Package: foo-locale-es
> Task: desktop & spanish, office & spanish
> And then tasksel and aptitude and anything else that deals with this
> also updated. They'd need to be modified either way really though. What
> I was thinking about was making the Task field look something like this
> instead:
> Task: desktop-spanish, spanish-office
> But I now realize this is almost identical anyway. Perhaps slightly
> more simplstic and requiring no parser changes is all. I'd be glad to

It is also less flexible, you cannot have relationships which can be of the 
sense ('if A and not B' or 'if A and B or C').

> see either implemented in tasksel and aptitude.

That would be a nice improvement, care to file a wishlist bug. I cannot 
work on those changes but maybe somebody will jump at it.

> I thought language-env had the same functionality as the old user-ll
> packages? That's what its description says anyway.

The description is not correct. I will file a bug. Even if language-env is 
a cleaner way to do things than the old user-XX stuff it does not yet 
provide the same functionality.



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