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Re: Future releases of Debian

On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 05:31:36PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 02:23:30PM -0600, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> > Now you're assuming that I have access to the Debian machines.  TMK,
> > these machines are *not* public access machines, but instead are
> > accessible to full DDs only.  This excludes all new maintainer
> > applicants, myself included.
> The DAM discussion is a different discussion, no need to restart it in
> this thread.

I didn't attempt to restart it, I simply point out a flaw in the
argument provided.

> There are at least two ways how you can get an account on a machine in
> such a situation:
> - ask the Debian admins for a guest account on a machine of this 
>   architecture

I was not aware that this was an option.  Is this documented somewhere
as an option to NMs or others?  I for one never considered it because
TMK it was restricted to full DDs only.  If this is not the case,
documentation to that effect could be very helpful.

Jamin W. Collins

Remember, root always has a loaded gun.  Don't run around with it unless
you absolutely need it. -- Vineet Kumar

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