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Re: unicode

Am 25.07.03 um 11:43:15 schrieb Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder:
> Hmmm. This is really funny. Look at http://fortytwo.ch/~avbidder/man-page.png. 

Good you mention it. File a bug against gnupg. It uses '-' in its
manpage where it should use '\-'.

> What I don't really get: I use the same font for almost everything 
> (lucidatypewriter), definitely so for the mail composer and the konsole. So 
> while the fact that copy-pasting it 'solves' the problem hints at a font 
> problem, I copy and paste between windows that use the same font...

Whatever your konsole and your kmail is doing with it... As far as I can
see, there's no lucidatypewriter ISO-10646 font, but I don't have all
the packages installed.


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