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Re: Future releases of Debian

On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 10:12:11PM +0300, Halil Demirezen wrote:
> > So, are you volunteering to help those of us without access to either of
> > the above architectures with "bugs" found in our packages?  I'm not
> > saying that all architectures shouldn't be supported equally.  I just
> > don't have access to either of the above architectures to correct
> > problems found in my packages.
> do you mean you do not have any archs to test them out? All over the
> world someone probably have access to them. Quitting support is not 
> the aim of Debian. However, If you talk about Commodorre 63, I say ok.

Yes, I do not have access to them for testing or debugging.  I have
access to only x86 machines currently.  Thus, I can not adequately
resolve problems with my packages on arm or other architectures.  This
is currently a bug report for Jabber concerning a segfault on the arm
architecture, I can not replicate the problem and thus can not resolve

Jamin W. Collins

Linux is not The Answer. Yes is the answer. Linux is The Question. - Neo

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