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coreutils with acl support

(Please CC: me, I no longer track debian-devel)

I am contemplating the upload of a version of coreutils that will have
support for file acls. (I.e., mv & cp -p will preserve acls, and ls -l
will indicate whether a file has an acl.) Doing this would promote
libacl1 and libattr1 to base and required status. (Or demote coreutils
to optional, but that would probably break something.) Thus, I am
soliciting input about whether this is something people would like to
see. The advantage is better support for acl's in debian (which will be
even more important with the 2.6 linux kernel, as they are supported
without a 3rd party patch). The downside is additional dependencies for
coreutils and an increase in the size of base on linux.
I don't know whether kernels other than linux support acl's, so this may
not affect the freebsd or hurd ports.

Another possibility would be an optional coreutils-acl package or
somesuch, but I don't particularly like the idea of diversions or
alternatives or complex dependency structures for ls et al.

A demo package is available at people.d.o/~mstone/

Mike Stone

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