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Re: Homepage & snapshot in debian/control?

On la, 2003-07-19 at 14:42, Xavier Roche wrote:
> I doubt that users will care about developers' favorite pets. I took the 
> freshmeat.net example : they don't include developers' favorite pets, 
> but they include screenshots. Why? Why didn't they fell in a "slippery 
> slope" ?

A more relevant example than developers' pets would be a URL to the
manual of the program in question, so that the installer can easily see
what the program actually does, before installing it. If the program
provides network services, a link to a Bugtraq list archive search to
find see the security history of the package would be extremely useful
to many people.

On the other hand, having one standardized link for each package,
pointing at the homepage or location most closely resembling the
homepage, would be handy. I'd be happy if it were added to .debs. If the
program has screenshots, I'll find them on the homepage; I don't need
the .deb to list urls to them.

There is a problem with urls changing. It might be worthwhile to
consider doing something like linking to Freshmeat, or even to create a
Debian specific centralized redirector:
http://homepage.packages.debian.org/foo would redirect to the current
homepage of the package foo.

Debian developers for gentleness.

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