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Firebird2 needs debian package (ITP=>RFP)

retitle 151052 RFP: firebird2 -- New Firebird RDBMS (InterBase derivat.)

My area of interest changed since I filled this ITP. Now I sure that
I am going somewhere else than before. You can pick up this (now) RFP
if you want to maintain a new version of really great RDBMS.

Firebird 1 is a DFSG-free (MPL-like) derivative of Interbase 6 beta
code. That version is proven to be stable and usable in mission-critical
applications. But the number of changes was limited to get from beta
quality to stable version and currently it was on maintenance version
(altough the only one released as stable).

Firebird 2 contains much improvements over FB1 (along with switch to
C++) and is a project that starts to live its own live. It's is meant
to be still mostly compatible w/ IB6 where possible but the changes
which have been needed to get more - make it all new, shiny and separete

You can find more informations at http://firebird.sf.net along with
testing version of Firebird 2. Please take a look at fb-devel list
to get more informations.


					Grzegorz B. Prokopski

PS: I am also the original packager and maintainer of Firebird 1.0
debian packages. If for some reason you wanted badly to maintain this
package - try to convince me why and I'll hand it to you.

PSS: Due to lack of permanent (in the meaning: everyday) internet
connection - I am unsubscribed from almost all the lists. Please
Cc: me on replies. Thanks!
Grzegorz B. Prokopski <gadek@debian.org>
Debian http://www.debian.org/

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