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Re: Homepage & snapshot in debian/control?

On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 02:56:18PM +0200, Xavier Roche wrote:
> You can place in the description field of debian/control something
> like: Homepage: ..  to provide the original package homepage.

What do you mean? Adding an unexpected field to debian/control results
in complains from dpkg-gencontrol and it seems to me that the field is
ignored in the final .deb.

> but it might be better to add a specific field for that, or I am
> missing something?

I agree on the Homepage field. Many times I've been asked by
not-so-expert debian users on how to find the homepage of a package
shipped with debian. Passing through copyright file is not so easy and
probably even not so appropriate.

OTOH I find useless and not enough general the snapshot field.


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