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Re: Future releases of Debian

Moin Adrian!
Adrian Bunk schrieb am Saturday, den 19. July 2003:

> Where's the big use if you ship 7 CDs but some random packages are not 
> present?
> You might not care, but perhaps thousands of users care.
> The "What, Debian 3.1 ships 10 CDs but this common program I need for my 
> work that was in Debian 3.0 is not included?" would do much harm to the 
> reputation of Debian.

Bitching about this problem won't help. Instead, I suggest automated
MIA probes (warning email) with maintainers who have RC bugs open
without any comment or without a comment but not particular action in 14
days, for example (hello tbm ;-).  Looking at the RC bug list, I get the
impression that many maintainers are just not interessted in maintaining
their packages. The mail should contain the suggestion to orphan the
package or set the help flag or file an RFA bug report on it. When the
maintainer does not respond in 4 weeks, orphan the package. No bug gets
fixed by just waiting (in normal situations) and when the package gets
removed from the stable distribution, well, blame the maintainer instead
of posting rhetorical questions on -devel.


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