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Re: mawk is a required package but I have replaced it with gawk

C> I'ld like to ask if you encountered some package that you
C> couldn't install because of that change or why are you asking?

All runs smoothly. I just felt bad that I removed a required package,
thus making my debian system less perfect at least from looking at the
names of things.

I was thinking that to have a "valid" debian system, all "required"
packages must be installed.  I'm just going from the feeling of the
word "required".  I'm no debian pro.  I mean if the Space Shuttle took
off without some "required packages" on board, there might be legal

S> Since there are more than one awk implementation, it was decided to
S> make exactly one of them (mawk) required and the others optional. This
S> does also satisfy the policy rule saying "packages must not depend on
S> others with lower priority values".

OK, but I was thinking maybe you could just make it "required" that there
be exactly one awk connected to /usr/bin/awk and the rest of the
details use less harsh words than "required".

As you all can see, nothing broke, it's just that what probably is
better called "default" is called "required"[?]

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