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Re: mawk is a required package but I have replaced it with gawk

Le sam 19/07/2003 à 02:21, Dan Jacobson a écrit :
> All runs smoothly. I just felt bad that I removed a required package,
> thus making my debian system less perfect at least from looking at the
> names of things.

Great, you gained 220 KB of disk space.

> I mean if the Space Shuttle took
> off without some "required packages" on board, there might be legal
> ramifications.

Whoa ?

> OK, but I was thinking maybe you could just make it "required" that there
> be exactly one awk connected to /usr/bin/awk and the rest of the
> details use less harsh words than "required".

I think you should provide patches to dpkg, apt, policy and so on to
allow this, as no one else seems to be interested in these 220 KB.
Especially when you need to install a package 8 times bigger to replace
the ignominious mawk.
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