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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

* "Jamin W. Collins" 

| I am and have been.  I currently maintain two packages already in the
| archive (one adopted, one added) via a sponsor.  However, I have several
| others (Jabber transports and services) that I would like to add
| (they've been requested repeatedly), but do not wish to burden my
| current sponsor with them.


| Additionally, I feel that the current NM process is very broken WRT to
| the DAM approval stage and that the only way it will be fixed is through
| someone being very vocal about it. 

I think you are wrong.

| Do current Debian Developers feel that the process does not need
| changing? 

it should probably be a bit more open than it is today, but I really
don't see the point of getting a bunch more maintainer who will go MIA
in a few months.

And having people whine about NM right now is kinda silly: samosa, aka
db.d.o is down and until it's up, the DAM can't create any accounts.

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