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Re: default MTA for sarge

On Sunday 13 July 2003 06:26, Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> I know, but that location (/var/mail/root) is discouraged, isn't it? The
> admin shouldn't read his/her mail under uid 0. That's why I think that
> exim should ask this question when it is configured for local delivery (or
> in "newbie" mode ;-)
> The best solution (at least for the average user which doesn't care about
> his MTA) would IMHO be a question along the lines of "Which user account
> should receive messages for the system administrator?" I.e. not even
> mentioning the technical details. The word "mail" might be misleading
> here.
> Just thinking aloud... I have not installed any exim4 yet, and I know how
> to get exim3 to do local delivery. But Debian should become a more
> user-friendly OS after all, right?

The issue here is what Steve Greenland mentioned directly and I alluded to 
when I started this thread -- many, many desktop users will use external 
(ISP, work) provided SMTP and POP/IMAP.  So that email goes no where useful.  
Their MTA won't read the local queue.  I am a pretty savvy fellow and I don't 
even use the local MTA except to send mail via reportbug.

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