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Re: eicar.com installer in Debian, and pre-upload interface to ftpmaster

On Sat, 5 Jul 2003 03:01:14 +0200, Yven Johannes Leist
<leist@beldesign.de> wrote:
>I find that to be a very unfair accusation, since at least to my eyes there 
>was nothing especially unfriendly, unreasonable or otherwise criticizable in 
>James rejection notice.

How would you react if somebody called work you did and that took a
few hours "silly"? And Mr. Troup's appreciation of my work is
appropriately named in the directory name the package sits in at the

>I personally very much value the fact that someone like James whose knowledge 
>and judgment I trust invests so much time in vetting (my) packages for 
>potential omissions or stupidities.

Well, if there was an interface to interact with ftpmaster _before_
any work is being done... Turnaround times are too long anyway. It
took Mr. Troup almost two weeks to reject this "silly" package.

>Hmm, *my* strategy for handling such states of emotional unrest is to wait at 
>least half a day to see how much anger or "madness" is actually left, since I 
>find that to be an enormous efficiency gain with respect to avoiding lengthy 
>and pointless discussions... ;-)

Actually, I get madder the longer I think about it.


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