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Re: Package Moscow ML and HOL

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 17:53, Michał Politowski wrote:
> It looks like
> a) possible GPL incompatibility - so no distribution would be possible at all,
> b) even if not, no paying distribution means non-free IMHO.

I see your point. But I think it should be resolvable.

Since that part of the clause covers part of the code from CAML Light.
And we all know the CAML Light descendents O'CAML is perfect Free
Software. And since Moscow ML authors put their own work, major part of
Moscow ML in GPL itself, so I dare to say both parts are good supporters
of Free Software. :)

I think it's resolvable. If nobody will contact them, I'll contact them
after awhile about the license issue. But since I'm not a native English
speaker nor .dk nor .fr speaker, I'd rather hope someone else could
approach the authors of Moscow ML representing Debian. Anyone? :)

zhaoway@public1.ptt.js.cn zw@netspeed-tech.com
Linux & Free Software Consultant, Nanjing, China

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