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Re: Package Moscow ML and HOL

On Thu,  3 Jul 2003 17:36:30 +0800, ZHAO Wei wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 14:47, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> > I remember vaguely that there used to be a licence problem with
> > Moscow ML. What is its exact licence now?
> Under the mosml/copyright directory, there are three license files:
> 1. gpl2 - which is exactly a copy of GPL v2
> 2. copyright.att - which covers part of the library come from SML/NJ,
> and as I read it, it's mostly BSDish
> 3. copyright.cl - covers code come from CAML Light, which looks a little
> bit strange, but to my unexperienced eyes, looks like a homebrew GPL
> Anyway, I think it's generally acceptable to put it in Debian main.
> What's you opinion?

I'll quote parts of 3:

> a- Extent of the rights granted by the INRIA to the user of the software:

> INRIA freely grants the right to use, modify and integrate the
> software in another software, provided that all derivative works are
> distributed under the same conditions as the software.
> b- Reproduction of the software:
> INRIA grants any user of the software the right to reproduce it so as
> to circulate it in accordance with the same purposes and conditions as
> those defined at point a- above.  Any copy of the software and/or relevant
> documentation must comprise reference to the ownership of INRIA and
> the present file.
> The user undertakes not to carry out any paying distribution of the
> software. However, he is authorized to bill any person or body for the
> cost of reproduction of said software. As regards any other type of
> distribution, the user undertakes to apply to obtain the express
> approval of INRIA.

It looks like
a) possible GPL incompatibility - so no distribution would be possible at all,
b) even if not, no paying distribution means non-free IMHO.

Michał Politowski -- mpol@charybda.icm.edu.pl
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