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Re: Every spam is sacred

Jesus Climent wrote:
> Santiago Vila wrote:
> > > [ about DSBL blocking legitimate email ]
> >
> > I didn't say it could *never* happen. I said it was extremely
> > difficult for it to happen, statistically speaking.
> Based on what? Where is the data you base your statistics?

Read a previous message by Duncan Findlay. He said that 39.2668% of
all the spam might be blocked by using the DSBL, but doing that you
would block 0.0185% of ham.

If you consider that proportion of spam/ham is 50%/50% an apply the
Bayes rule, you will get that the probability that a message in the
DSBL is spam is 99.95%.

Assuming spam/ham is 50%/50% you can calcule that using a simplified
method: 39.2668/(39.2668+0.0185) = 0.99953

> > If you are really a Debian user you can accept Debian's standard exim
> > configuration, which by default is not an open relay, and send your message
> > using your own computer, without using the SMTP server of your ISP.
> Have you heard about port blocking? In the Politechnical Univ. of Valencia
> outgoing mails have to be sent through mail.upv.es and in that case it does
> not depend anymore on you. Again, mistakes can happen.

In this case you should point your MUA to mail.upv.es.

If they leave mail.upv.es as an open relay and you get blocked because
of this, you should complain to postmaster at upv.es, not to whoever
blocked you.

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