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Re: Help wanted for packaging postgresql application

Andreas Tille (2003-05-25 21:56:04 +0200) :

> For the next problem I have no real clue for a solution.  The
> bootstrap method does access the database as the newly created user
> this requires a change of the PostgreSQL configuration.


> Now I would llike to know the following two things:
>   1. How to change the postgresql configuration in a way which just
>      adds minimum off additional rights?
>   2. How to accomplish this change?

You might like to have a look at how the gforge-db-postgresql package
(available from http://people.debian.org/~lolando/) does it.
Basically, prepare a new pg_hba.conf, and ask the user whether to
replace the existing one.  Default to "no", of course.

Roland Mas

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