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Re: Help wanted for packaging postgresql application

On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 08:19, Andreas Tille wrote:

> Thus the postgresql server has to allow connections of non system users
> from localhost and also from other hosts (GnuMed clients) in the next step
> while keeping the possibility to authenticate via ident.

In 7.3, you can specify connection/database/user combinations with
associated authentication methods.  If you want to use ident where
possible and fall back on password, pg_hba.conf should look something
like this:

local        all        postgres                         ident    sameuser
local        db1        fred                             ident    sameuser
local        db1        george                           ident    sameuser
local        db2        @db2.list                        ident    sameuser
local        all        all                              md5
host         all        all  md5

So system logins fred and george can connect to db2 without a password;
any system user listed in $PGDATA/db2.list can similarly connect to db2;
postgres can connect to any database (necessary for backups) and any
other connection/database/user combination needs an md5-encrypted

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