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Re: debian-exim mailing list?

Josip Rodin <joy@srce.hr> wrote:
> I'm perplexed about the mailing list request about Exim.

As Marc already noted this special request should simply be ignored
now, we have alioth now and currently there isn't much traffic on

> On one hand, exim is an important package, and there are already ample
> precedents like debian-apache, debian-ssh and debian-tetex-maint;
> but on the other hand, there's alioth.debian.org which allows for easier
> creation and maintenance of per-package mailing lists.

lists.debian.org has its merits: Very official, easy to find,
webarchives, gating to newsgroups via linux.debian.*, _working_
Anti-Spam measures. I really do not know how alioth's lists compare,
because I have not subscribed to one yet.

It would be nice if there were documented mechanisms to move a list
/painlessly/ from alioth to lists and vice versa, i.e. keeping the
subscriber list and redirections for the old list addresses.
                cu andreas

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