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Re: Debian conference in the US?

Perhaps we can look at this a different way.  I haven't read anyone
voicing the opinion that GWB (can't say the name of the beast out
loud) is a 'good fellow'.  I'm supposing that all of us agree that
he's a snake-oil salesmen of the odious kind, interested most in
lining his pockets and the pockets of his pals at the expense of the
majority of US citizens as well as international citizens.  He is a
ignorant bully whose opinions and actions don't represent me or my

Yet, it is reasonable to take personal representing our feelings.
There are folks who don't want to contribute an earned farthing to the
US economy.  So be it.  This doesn't mean that we should not have a
Debian conference in North America.  I'm sure there are many North
American DDs who'd like to meet more DDs in person.  Having a
conference in the US or Canada is not an endorsement of US foreign

It seems to me that the best place to have the conference in NA is
where we get support.  Should there be equal support in, for example,
Vancouver and DC, then we can weigh merits.  If we host it out of the
US, then at least we can keep our shoes on.

> What do you think of the boycots of French products?  Do you oppose
> them on principle?

I just bought some french-cut green beans. %^)

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