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Re: Kernel 2.5

On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 06:45:42PM -0400, Bart Trojanowski wrote:
> * Mark Shuttleworth <mark@hbd.com> [030427 16:59]:
> > I've configured and built the kernel, using gcc-2.95, make bzImage and 
> > modules, installed modules under /lib/modules/2.5.68. Everything goes 
> > fine except for a bunch of depmod errors during the 'make 
> > modules_install' which I'm guessing is because the new modules don't 
> > match the running kernel.
> I believe that you can still build with gcc-2.95.  To the best of my
> recollection I did do that at least once... although I've been using 3.2
> for the most recent builds.

Right. I compiled it with gcc-2.95.4 (woody).
It works on my workstation but crashes on the armada notebook.

> The new modules (*.ko) do not work with the old module utils.  It may be
> that you just have to rebuild the kernel with the presence of these new
> utilities.
> $ apt-cache show module-init-tools

Yes. You are right again. This must be installed.
I downloaded it from unstable and compiled on woody. It works.


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