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Kernel 2.5

Hi all

I've configured and built the kernel, using gcc-2.95, make bzImage and modules, installed modules under /lib/modules/2.5.68. Everything goes fine except for a bunch of depmod errors during the 'make modules_install' which I'm guessing is because the new modules don't match the running kernel.

I've updated grub to point to the kernel.

When booting, grub seems to find it, uncompress it, then it says 'OK, booting the kernel' and nothing more. It just hangs. I don't see the line announcing the kernel version or compiler etc.

Any tips or pointers? I've tried to be quite conservative with the config... no preempt, no smp, and the basic stuff as builtin rather than modules.

Any ideas?

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 - Ashleigh Brilliant

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