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[grep-dctrl] Testers requested - sneak preview of a full rewrite (better and faster!)


I am in the process of rewriting grep-dctrl.  The rewrite attempts to
gain speed over the old version while removing one of the greatest
defects in the old code: the new grep-dctrl is able to combine searches
in full boolean manner.

The current version does not yet duplicate all the features of the old
code, but most of the core functionality, as well as boolean queries,
is implemented.

In my own tests, the new code has beaten the old code speedwise in almost all
situations and never lost to it.  In some cases, I have seen as much as
a sixfold increase in speed.

I am requesting testers for the new code.  Try all the stuff you are
used to do with current grep-dctrl and verify that the old and the new
code produce (essentially) identical output from identical inputs.  Try
out the new boolean search feature and try to find bugs in it.  Try to
find cases where the new code loses to the old code speedwise (or to the
other options: dpkg. dpkg-awk, ara, maybe even apt-cache).  Report your
findings (both positive and negative) to me, at ajk@debian.org.  Do not
use the BTS for the new code yet.

The following features of the old code is not yet functional:
  * The switches -n, -d, -c, -v, --config-file
  * Command name based input file location (thus, there is no
    grep-status or grep-available)
  * Multiple field names in -F (use the boolean query mechanism
    to get the effect)
(I intend to fix this before this code goes to unstable.  The new
code will duplicate all the functionality of the old code, eventually.)

The following new features are implemented:
  * Boolean queries: use -a (--and), -o (--or), ! (--not);
    parentheses can be used like in test or expr
    For example -F Section utils -a ! -FDepends -e 'gnome|kde|gtk'

The new code is not yet packaged, you need to compile it out of cvs.
It is in Alioth, project dctrl-tools, branch v1_rewrite:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/dctrl-tools login 
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/dctrl-tools co \
   -r v1_rewrite dctrl-tools

(The debian/ directory there is out of date, and so are the docs.)

Thank you all for your attention.
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