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Re: Kernel 2.5 boot failure [SOLVED]

She boots! Thanks to Bart Trojanowski for much help.

I'm posting this to the list in case someone else runs into the same problem trying to build kernel 2.5 on Debian unstable. The symptom was an apparently frozen screen after the message 'Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel.'

First, I needed to install module-init-tools. These are needed for the new-style kernel modules in 2.5.

Then Bart suggested that it might be a problem with the console config in the kernel I was building:

Bart Trojanowski wrote:

You need to enable virtual terminal support


It may also be PTYs...


This nearly solved the problem. I just needed to jiggle to config a bit more.

I think the extra magic incantation was another config option:


Hope this helps someone else.

Thanks Bart,

'Try to relax and ENJOY the crisis.'
- Ashleigh Brilliant

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