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Re: /run/, resolvconf and read-only root


I noticed that in order to implement your read-only root proposal, you
propose to modify the pam package.

I'm not really sure I see the justification for read-only /.  I can
see several possible justifications and some of the possible goals

Until you get general consensus on a specific goal, I'm unlikely to
accept such changes if they are submitted to me.  As a maintainer I
want to be able to look at some statement and answer the following

1) Why are people mounting root read-only?

2) When root is read-only, what information is variable and what information  should be immutable?  Why is this a reasonable categorization?

3)  What information needs to go in /var vs /run?

This message not withstanding, I will follow any related changes to
policy to the best of my ability.

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