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Re: /run/, resolvconf and read-only root

This one time, at band camp, Sam Hartman wrote:
>Until you get general consensus on a specific goal, I'm unlikely to
>accept such changes if they are submitted to me.  As a maintainer I
>want to be able to look at some statement and answer the following

Hi Sam,

I've just filed the bug with my patch to pam.  My goal is not specifically a
read-only root (although that may be a useful by-product of it) but just to
remove any program state out of /etc.  It is my firm belief that programs
should not be writing anything to /etc.

The patch against pam doesn't ask you to violate the FHS as it currently
stands, but it does attempt to test for a file that, if it does exist,
violate FHS in its current incarnation.  I don't believe that testing for a
nonexistent file would warrant a RC-bug, would it?  And if the patch against
base-files (#191036) and sysvinit (#191041) get accepted, then the changed
behaviour of pam wouldn't be a bug against pam.

The only FHS violations I am proposing at the moment are to base-files (the
creation of /run), sysvinit (using /run/nologin instead of /etc/nologin),
and util-linux (#191042, using /run/mtab instead of /etc/mtab).   In these
cases, violating the FHS is entirely reasonable because we are attempting to
improve the FHS.

>2) When root is read-only, what information is variable and what information  should be immutable?  Why is this a reasonable categorization?

IMHO, everything in /etc should be considered immutable by every program,
unless the program has been given explicit permission for the current
invocation only.  That is, any program attempting to modify a file in /etc
should first alert the administrator for confirmation.  If that cannot be
done, then the program shouldn't be writing to /etc.  For mount, that means
using the correct state directory for mtab, and for sysvinit, that means
using the correct state directory for nologin.

For the specific case of nologin, which I cover in the patch to sysvinit,
shadow, and pam, the admin may create /etc/nologin as they are used to, for
this is a configuration file, whereas sysvinit should only create and remove
/run/nologin as this is now a program state file.

>3)  What information needs to go in /var vs /run?

As discussed earlier in this thread, /run is only allowed for programs
that do not have /var/run available yet.  So you see, we are making two
changes here: the first is to move state files out of /etc, and the second
is to make a directory that mount can use for storing state.

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