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Re: Time to package simpleinit?

On 26 Apr 2003, Joachim Breitner wrote:

>  * The /etc/init.d/ scripts would need to add "need otherscript" (and
> sometimes "provide something"). As I think it is a very bad idea to edit
> these scripts in our post-install (and try to reedit them in
> pre-remove)) one would have to file bugs agains packages with
> /etc/init.d scripts. Will that be sucessfull? How cooperative will the
> maintainers of these script be?

Sysvinit works fine for me, and I have no idea what simpleinit does, but if
your bugreport on my packages includes sufficient instructions to make the
change, and the change doesn't cause undue disruption to other current
functionality, I'd be quite happy to apply the change and reupload ASAP.

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