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Re: Time to package simpleinit?

Hi Henrique,

It is good to see that there is actually work done on it. Obviously you
are more into the topic (and you are a debian developer), so It's up to
me to offer you help with that, not the other way around :-)

After reading through your paper (nice work), it looks to me as if the
the simpleinit's and similar scheme's advantage is "only" the way the
startup scripts, while /sbin/init does much more (SIGPWR, reexecuting
itselfe, spawning login programs). It would be bad if the user that
wants to use simpleinit or minit had to do without the advanced sysvinit

So the right place (it seems to be) to implement the init scripts
handling would be /etc/init.d/rc and make our minit or simpleinit
packages compatible with sysvinit. Would that be possible? Would we
reimplement it in /bin/bash, or strip down the
non-init-script-handling-functionality of minit/simpleinit? How will the
communication between /sbin/init and the simpleinit/minit work? Or won't
that scheme work?

While the simpleinit approach works well with you proposal in Section
5.4.1, how would that work with minit? If the maintainer scripts
register the dependencies using update-rc, then there is a duplicity
(information to update-rc and /sbin/init-* scripts called in the

Joachim aka nomeata

Am Sam, 2003-04-26 um 22.28 schrieb Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
> On Sat, 26 Apr 2003, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> >  * The /etc/init.d/ scripts would need to add "need otherscript" (and
> > sometimes "provide something"). As I think it is a very bad idea to edit
> > these scripts in our post-install (and try to reedit them in
> > pre-remove)) one would have to file bugs agains packages with
> > /etc/init.d scripts. Will that be sucessfull? How cooperative will the
> > maintainers of these script be?
> Very, as long as it is done in a serious, generic way. I am willing to help
> you on this.  But first, please read
> http://people.debian.org/~hmh/debconf2/debconf2-initscripts-bkg.pdf
> We have a lot of work ahead of us.  I took a halt on it because I lacked the
> time, but now that Miquel surfaced again and did the sysv split, we could
> continue designing the system.  I figure sysvinit and friends will have
> stabilized again in a more change-init-system-friendly way by the time we
> finish...
> Once it is designed (a way to properly support the dynamic dependencies such
> as need and provide of simpleinit), we can start deploying it.
Joachim Breitner 
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