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Time to package simpleinit?


obviously debian sid is from now on capable of supporting several init
script schemes. Now I wonder if it is now possible to package R. Goochs
simpleinit [1]. But I have some questions:

 * Would that require replacing sysv-rc or sysvinit+sysv-rc? I think
R.Goochs /sbin/init is capable of replacing our /sbin/init, but we
actually only want to replace the way the startup scripts are handled.
 * The /etc/init.d/ scripts would need to add "need otherscript" (and
sometimes "provide something"). As I think it is a very bad idea to edit
these scripts in our post-install (and try to reedit them in
pre-remove)) one would have to file bugs agains packages with
/etc/init.d scripts. Will that be sucessfull? How cooperative will the
maintainers of these script be?
 * Is there even interest in simpleinit by others than me? I would also
need someone to ask if I have problems with sysvinit or similar, and I
would like to know who thinks he is capable of helping me? Are there
people that might help me when it comes to file bug against packages
with /etc/init.d scripts?

Thx for your attention

Joachim aka nomeata

[1] http://www.atnf.csiro.au/people/rgooch/linux/boot-scripts/

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