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simpleinit and other init procedures

I have working "simpleinit-msb" and "minit" packages on my system.
(simpleinit-msb is an extended simpleinit, see 
and "minit" has nice monitoring capabilities and is similar to
daemontools, but GPL (http://www.fefe.de/minit/)

The initscripts for the packages need a lot of fiddling, but i think i
have a reasonable example set ready.

I'd like to have support for linux-progress-patch, too, if you design a
complete new init system. (I'm interested in that, too... i had intended
to work at this in DebCamp, but i probably won't come to DebConf now. )

Erich Schubert
    erich@(vitavonni.de|debian.org)    --    GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C     (o_
     Go away or i'll replace you with a very small shell script.      //\
 Jemanden zu lieben heißt glücklich zu sein, ihn glücklich zu sehen.  V_/_

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