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Re: pilot-link in Sid and Sarge: Much bigger question

Björn Stenberg wrote:

An example: Before gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.2 went in the other day, no less than 607
packages were stuck in unstable waiting for them. How many of those packages
actually required gcc 3 to compile and run? I'd guess not many.

Well, hey, if gcc 3.3 has made it into stable, this is big news. Upon checking, I see that KDE 3.1.1 has followed suit. (I'm not a Gnome 2.x fan. It seems to me that the entire project is in beta, and there's nothing the packagers would be able to do with that.) Unfortunately, Mozilla's still stuck at 1.*0*?! I mean, I would have at least thought that Debian would be starting with the mozilla group's bug fix for that branch. *As long as sarge would release by the end of the year*, this puts the distro only *1* year behind the rest of the pack. If it takes two years to release sarge (like woody), then nothing has changed anyway.


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