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Re: Non-debian running DD's (Was: Re: stop abusing debconf already)

* LapTop006 

| I use both Mutt and OE to read my E-mail (mostly mutt). The one feature
| OE has (on both mac and windows) that NO other client I've seen matches
| (Mozilla 1.0 came close, haven't tried since then) is its support for
| offline IMAP.

use isync or something similar?  Or try gnus (which I believe has
offline-imap support, but I don't use IMAP, so I'm not sure).

| [..] but on x86 and PPC I also run the native OS' (Mac OS and
| Windows (windows stays on my laptop because I can kernel-panic linux
| with a keystroke...)).

when did windows become the native OS on x86?  And when did MacOS
become the native OS on PPC?  AmigaOS is just as native on many PPC
boxen (if native in this context mean «what the box comes with from
the manufacturer»).

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