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Re: stop abusing debconf already

> > Apologies, 'reply-all' is not clever enough in Outlook Express to
> > evaluate the sender preference on being copied on list emails. Any
> > suggestions for a MUA that can perform this feat are appreciated.
> Any mailer that honours the Mail-Followup-To: header that I set would do
> nicely. There are plenty of these in Debian, such as the one I'm using.

As another developer has pointed out, I'm not running Debian on this box.
There are plenty of other email clients for Windows, but I suspect that all
of them are going to be somewhat lax in following follow-up headers in
email. Those that potentially do are most likely not going to support IMAP
at the same time. Despite is parentage, OE is quite acceptable for day to
day use.

Again, if anyone knows of another client that supports both requirements
I'll give it a go.


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