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Re: stop the "manage with debconf" madness

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003 21:06:38 +0100, Matt Ryan <mryan@debian.org> said: 

> I never suggested to throw out policy (perhaps you should revisit my
> email).  All I said was that this was prior best practice and now we
> might make a change.

	Any prior practice that promotes not preserving user changes
 ad comments (despite all that policy says on that subject) can't
 possibly be deemed "best".

> Do not burn everyone for trying their best to make things easy for
> users just because someone has a bee in their bonnet over this
> issue.

	Throwing away user changes is doing ones best for them? Since
 when? And when is doing something suboptimally been excusable by
 whining "but I was doing my best"? Making mistakes is not an
 issue. Everyone makes them.

	Mindlessly defending practices that go against what we promise
 our users, despite being told by several other developers, is a level
 of intransigence that is unacceptable.

> Eventually someone (MDZ seems to be starting this again)

	MDZ seems to be (sinsibly) distancing himself from your stance.

> will come up with a sensible solution (that doesn't predepend on
> some configuration program bloat) that will deal with this. Then we
> can all move over to using that and everyone will the happy again.

	Heh. The solution, when presented to you that does keep the
 admin in the loop whenever their changes would be blown away, while
 allowing generation of new configuration files via debconf or other
 programmatic means, it is "bloat", even when under 20KB of code. 

	So, while you are wringing your hands over the hurt
 sensibilities of practitioners of a practice that discards user
 changes, do _you_ have any constructive suggestions that can be
 rapidly prototyped, and put into use soon, and are not, in your
 considered opinion, bloat?

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