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Re: stop the "manage with debconf" madness

> Secondly, this isnot a witch hunt. What is being done is that
>  a policy violation in older practice is being pointed
>  out. Alternatives are being discussed; a witch hunt would have
>  involved mass RC bug filings.

The TEX discussion is definitely in witchunt territory. Maintainers (on the
whole) try to make the best job they can of the packaging of their programs.
What is not helpful is when a developer gets a bad case of NOMUS (Not On My
UNIX System) and goes off on one about how perfectly the world would be if
everyone agreed with their narrow definition of the 'correct' way to do
things. The recent /run debate was another example of this virulent disease
taking hold amongst the vocal developer cabal.

Diversity is what keeps the human race going...


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