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Re: stop the "manage with debconf" madness

>  > What is not helpful is when a developer gets a bad case of NOMUS
>  > (Not On My UNIX System) and goes off on one about how perfectly the
>  > world would be if everyone agreed with their narrow definition of
>  > the 'correct' way to do things. The recent /run debate was another
>  > example of this virulent disease taking hold amongst the vocal
>  > developer cabal.
> Really a flaw in the NM process. Don't we require peopel to
> acknowledge the importance of policy nowadays?

Please. I assume we are both adults (I am at least). Therefore we should be
able to have a sensible debate without getting too heated about it.

> Right. The hell with policy, since following policy is mind
>  less conformance.

I never suggested to throw out policy (perhaps you should revisit my email).
All I said was that this was prior best practice and now we might make a
change. Do not burn everyone for trying their best to make things easy for
users just because someone has a bee in their bonnet over this issue.
Eventually someone (MDZ seems to be starting this again) will come up with a
sensible solution (that doesn't predepend on some configuration program
bloat) that will deal with this. Then we can all move over to using that and
everyone will the happy again.


Note: That's happy until the next time someone gets all fussed up over the
wrong location for a configuration file.

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