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Database-specificisms considered harmful

> * Package name    : exim-mysql

Personally, I do not like all those -mysql, -pgsql, -whatever packages.

Whatever happened to the idea of using a common database access library
like iODBC? It's reasonably small, Not A Burden if you happen to not
require any database lookup features, and it doesn't bloat the archives
with four versions of exim (-none, -mysql, -pgsql, and -kitchensink).

Personally, I would consider adding an appropriate paragraph to Policy.
Something along the lines of

* Programs which access SQL databases should do so through

... assuming that we can reach some sort of consensus on which library
should be used..?

Well, I think Perl should run faster than C.  :-)
             -- Larry Wall in <199801200306.TAA11638@wall.org>

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