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Re: Bug#188564: ITP: exim-mysql -- An MTA (Mail Transport Agent) with mysql backend support.

David Pashley told me:
> This is wrong. Philip Hazel is the upstream author. Mark Baker is the
> maintainer for the exim packages. I suggest you talk to Mark and talk to
> people on the exim4 mailing list, exim4debian@logic.univie.ac.at (CCed).

Ok, but because I didn't know the correct one I wrote "debian exim upstream"
because I did previously copy his package and modified it. Corrected in next

> There is exim4 in experimental and they will be moved into sid in the
> near future. There is a package with all the DB lookups compiled in. You
> may want to look at that. Alternatively, you may want to create a
> package with as many of the lookups that you can like pgsql. There is no
> point in having an exim, exim-mysql, exim-pgsql etc packages. You may
> want to call the package something like exim-heavy.

I'll look into exim4 configuration syntax and things like that as soon as
(when I got time, probably at the weekend). The problem is that I don't know
pgsql and I originally wanted a package for 3.36 with mysql compiled in.
A heavy package would force me to compile in ldap,pgsql,nis etc. and that
would require the "end-user" to install packages he wouldn't need normally
for running such a daemon. If exim would have shared modules I would agree
with you, I also see your point of the load of packages this would lead to,
e.g. exim4-daemon-heavy doesn't even depend on mysql, but pgsql, and
other things users would probably never be using like ldap.

If there's somebody who could propose a better solution (probably apart from
creating a heavy daemon or upgrading to exim4) I would like to hear it :)

But as I said I'll look into exim4 debian packages if it would suit for me.

Thanks for listening,

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