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Re: Database-specificisms considered harmful

On Friday 11 April 2003 16:34, Matthias Urlichs wrote:

> * Programs which access SQL databases should do so through
> libgda2/unixodbc/???.
> ... assuming that we can reach some sort of consensus on which library
> should be used..?

Why is a consesus needed?

I agree with you that having each package as foo, foo-mysql, foo-pgsql, 
foo-whatever is ugly. But there's many generic db libraries in many 
languages, and I don't see a need to require one to be the standard.

Another way (probably better in some cases) is to recommend people to use 
runtime loadable modules, then the foo-pgsql module would not be another 
version of foo, but the pgsql driver module for foo. (Like php, apache, ... 
are doing it).

But whatever: I'd be very careful pushing this idea: who will write the code? 
Many (most?) pkg maintainers are not upstream developers.

-- vbi

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