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Re: Database-specificisms considered harmful

* Matthias Urlichs <smurf@noris.de> [2003-04-11 14:34]:
> Personally, I do not like all those -mysql, -pgsql, -whatever packages.
> Whatever happened to the idea of using a common database access library
> like iODBC? It's reasonably small, Not A Burden if you happen to not
> require any database lookup features, and it doesn't bloat the archives
> with four versions of exim (-none, -mysql, -pgsql, and -kitchensink).

 Thats a really nice idea.  Are you going to send in patches for the
various programs to support that?

 I mean, yeah -- it is really a nice idea, but someone has to do the
work for it.  If a program supports it already I would expect the
maintainer of the package to do the reasonable thing and enable that
sort of binding.  If it on the other hand doesn't, are you willing to
work on that part to get the support in?

> Personally, I would consider adding an appropriate paragraph to Policy.
> Something along the lines of
> * Programs which access SQL databases should do so through
> libgda2/unixodbc/???.

 Again, nice idea, but I don't think that it will help. You can't
dictate upstream what to work on, and I don't know if the usual
maintainers of such packages are skilled/motivated enough to produce
the needed changes themself.

 So long!
mknod /dev/aha c sky earth
                                  -- me, 08/2000

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