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Re: [PROPOSAL] debian-lisp mail list

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 04:30:27PM -0600, Kevin Rosenberg wrote:
> Matthew Danish wrote:
> > Yes; it is the Common Lisp packages which have a coordinated controller
> > system.  However, Lam and I agreed to change the proposal to
> > ``debian-common-lisp'' instead, because ``debian-lisp'' could be
> > construed for other Lisp dialects.
> I'm happy with either debian-common-lisp or debian-lisp. Given the
> relativley smaller number of people using non-CL lisps, I expect the
> the non-CL lisp traffic on a debian-lisp list would not interfer with
> efficient CL discussions.

Notice that the list for coordination of the ocaml maintainers was
called debian-ocaml-maint, and not debian-ocaml as i had requested. I
suppose the debian-ocaml would have been viewed as more of an user list,
while the debian-ocaml-maint list is mostly for the coordination of the
maintainers of ocaml related packages.


Sven Luther

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