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Re: debian-lisp list

synthespian wrote:
> >Matthew Danish wrote:
> >
> >>>why don't create a debian-lisp-list ? 
> >
> [...]
>  However, there's substantial work being done in the Debian community 
> with regard to common lisp. Currently, the easiest way to handle the 
> common lisp package problem is using Debian, through the 
> common-lisp-controller. It has made life easier for a lot of people that 
> use common lisp. It represents an advance in the way things are done if 
> you are a common lisp user. And this thanks to the Debian common lisp 
> developers! And it's exclusive to the Debian distro!

I think this is clearly true. While the Lisp programming community is
relatively small compared to C, Perl, and Python, it is comprised of
dedicated and smart programmers. Because of the efforts of Debian Lisp
developers, Debian is now the most advanced and full-features means for
developing Common Lisp programs outside of a dedicated Lisp machine.

For my thinking, a debian-lisp list is important for several reasons:
  1. While there are 7 Common Lisp implementations packaged for Debian:
     CLisp, CMUCL, SBCL, OpenMCL, GCL, AllegroCL, and Lispworks, 6 of
     these 7 are all inter-related with the common-lisp-controller
     package. Thus, there is a large base of related support needs
     across these varied implementations.
  2. On a first-pass, I've counted 76 Common Lisp source
     packages. I've forwarded this to James Troup. He told me this was
     quite a significant size and is considering Lisp to be its own
     section in the archive.
  3. Because of the efforts Debian Lisp developers making Debian the
     best-supported OS for Lisp development, I've personally helped
     several prominent open-source Lisp developers to convert to
     Debian from other operating systems. Having the support of a
     debian-lisp list will further reward such convertees as well as
     be an inducement for other developers to adopted Debian.

Thus, I consider Lisp support to be an exclusive Debian asset and I
believe the creation of a debian-lisp list will further solidify &
support this unique Debian advantage.

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