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Re: debian-lisp list

Martin Schulze wrote:
Matthew Danish wrote:

why don't create a debian-lisp-list ? there are a lots of lisp package in debian archive
it  could be  a good  thing to  have a  debian mailing  list  for lisp
software (and problems), like debian-python, debian-ocaml, ...


Sounds like a good idea to me, and Kevin agrees too.  Either you can
submit the bug, or I will do it later on.

Lists aren't created just for the fun of them.  They are usually created
after there has been proven interest, demonstrated by many discussions
and not by <aol>s.



 Hi -
The level of attention the Lisp list will get is not going to be great, due to the fact that not that many hackers grok, or want to grok, common lisp. However, there's substantial work being done in the Debian community with regard to common lisp. Currently, the easiest way to handle the common lisp package problem is using Debian, through the common-lisp-controller. It has made life easier for a lot of people that use common lisp. It represents an advance in the way things are done if you are a common lisp user. And this thanks to the Debian common lisp developers! And it's exclusive to the Debian distro! Quite frankly, if there's a debian-ocaml, I don't see why not have a debian-lisp, if the sheer number of users is your measuring stick. Same regarding eiffel. since there's has been *original* development and solutions for Common Lisp being done *now* by members of the Debian community, and that work is quite specific to Debian.
 It would make things easier for everyone, centralizing discussions.
 Like somebody said: "Common Lisp - not bad for a dead language." ;-)
 Just my two cents.


 Henry Lenzi

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