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Re: Announcing a Debian wallpaper package.

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 02:30:58PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:

> I would really like that.  Moreover I think you could add an xsceensaver
> plugin to cycle these images as screen saver.

  Thats not a bad idea, thanks!
> >   (If there are no *cough*bloat*cough* objections..)
> No objections from my side, but some remarks:

>   1. You should provide linux-sphere1.png instead of linux-sphere1.gif.
>      (Not unly that gif sucks the png is in fact smaller in this special
>       case.)
>   2. You should mention the origin from where you obtained this image
>      from and add a license statement in the copyright file.
>   3. Regarding those two images you obtained from my site I would strongly
>      recommend to replace them.  I just uploaded a strange resolution
>      for these images.
>      Moreover I found a clue how to handle different screen resolutions.
>      I tried to iron out this in a wallpapers-at package which is
>      available at
>           http://people.debian.org/~tille/debian-background/
>      So in fact I would not ask you to replace the images in your package
>      but just *use* my package with my images.  Feel free to provide this
>      package at your side.  I do not plan to make an apt-get - able archive
>      in the next couple of days, but I will add some further images if
>      people like them.

>      If you want to provide this wallpaper-at package from your side I
>      should add a "{Depends|Suggests}: wallpaper-common", but I currently
>      left this out because people who might step over the packages not
>      necessarily know about your fine packages.

  My plan at the moment is to remove all three images from the
 wallpapers-common package, that way they won't popup if somebody wants
 to just install a 'wallpapers-foo' package and only see that.

  So using your package would be a perfect way of doing that simply!

  I've just mailed the producer of the previously mentioned Debian images
 at 73labs.com to ask for permission to include those images in a 
 -debian package, and for clarification of licensing terms.

  Those and the 'wallpapers-debian-tile' are the three packages that
 I would want to include in the archive, your images I would leave
 seperate, along with the previously produced starwars, startreck, and
 tolkien images.

  (I'd not want to upload them because of their size and the lack of
 clear copyable status).

  If you wished I'd be happy to package your images for you and maintain
 them, but I'd be equally happy just to host them - or let you look
 after them yourself.

  I like the way that you used postinst to ask for screen resolution,
 but unless there's overwhelming desire to do that I think the way I
 handle this issue is fine for now, (and it makes the tiling support
 nice and simple).

> Kind regards and thanks for your good work

  Thanks for the early, timely, offer of the images you created.
# wallpapers-debian-tile

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