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Re: Announcing a Debian wallpaper package.

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, Steve Kemp wrote:

>   After a mention in the Debian weekly news I've received a lot
>  of interesting feedback, and the base package is now much improved.
Many thanks.

>   Would anybody care to recommend any freely distributable Debian
>  wallpaper images I could use?  I'd be keen to see the base
>  package, and a wallpapers-debian enter the archive at some point
>  in the future.
I would really like that.  Moreover I think you could add an xsceensaver
plugin to cycle these images as screen saver.

>   (If there are no *cough*bloat*cough* objections..)
No objections from my side, but some remarks:
  1. You should provide linux-sphere1.png instead of linux-sphere1.gif.
     (Not unly that gif sucks the png is in fact smaller in this special
  2. You should mention the origin from where you obtained this image
     from and add a license statement in the copyright file.
  3. Regarding those two images you obtained from my site I would strongly
     recommend to replace them.  I just uploaded a strange resolution
     for these images.
     Moreover I found a clue how to handle different screen resolutions.
     I tried to iron out this in a wallpapers-at package which is
     available at


     So in fact I would not ask you to replace the images in your package
     but just *use* my package with my images.  Feel free to provide this
     package at your side.  I do not plan to make an apt-get - able archive
     in the next couple of days, but I will add some further images if
     people like them.
     If you want to provide this wallpaper-at package from your side I
     should add a "{Depends|Suggests}: wallpaper-common", but I currently
     left this out because people who might step over the packages not
     necessarily know about your fine packages.

Kind regards and thanks for your good work


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