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Re: Announcing a Debian wallpaper package.

On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Steve Kemp wrote:

>   My plan at the moment is to remove all three images from the
>  wallpapers-common package, that way they won't popup if somebody wants
>  to just install a 'wallpapers-foo' package and only see that.
Surely a good idea.  This might make it even possible to build an official
Debian package because its size will be reduced this way and nobody will complain.

>   So using your package would be a perfect way of doing that simply!

>   (I'd not want to upload them because of their size and the lack of
>  clear copyable status).
While the copyright status of my images is now quite clear because I
added the FDL statement they could be uploaded regarding this problem.
But I do not think that we should upload it because if its size as long
as the data section does not exist.

>   If you wished I'd be happy to package your images for you
Well, packaging is in fact no problem.  The problem is to crop them to
precisely 4:3 (1600x1200) or 5:4 (1280x1024) ratio and removing some
dust which was on them while the scanning was done.  *This* is the
really hard work.  Once this is done building the package is quite
cheap.  (To enhance the cropping process I'll probably will enhance my
own image viewer paul to make sure a certain ratio will be ensured
while cropping.  Will not be very hard to implement and will save some
time later on.)

> and maintain them, but I'd be equally happy just to host them
As long as the data section does not exist it might be practical
to collect all these wallpaper packages in one repository and thus
I would like it if you could host it on your site.

> or let you look after them yourself.
I'd do this once the data section is created.  Did you noticed that
I repeated this data section over and over.  Perhaps somebody will
take the ball and realize this thing. ;-)

>   I like the way that you used postinst to ask for screen resolution,
>  but unless there's overwhelming desire to do that I think the way I
>  handle this issue is fine for now, (and it makes the tiling support
>  nice and simple).
Yes, the tiling is in fact nice and simple - but I just do not like my
photos tiled.  Just keep on this nice feature for the other images.
My plan to handly my photos this way is quite old and your effort
just reminded me to this idea.

>   Thanks for the early, timely, offer of the images you created.
No problem.  Lets make Debian better together ... :)

Kind regards


PS: I just added a short README to the package without increasing
    the version number - just for the record and to prevent you
    wonder about different size / checksum.  It's normally not my
    style to change a package without increasing the version number
    but in this case it seemed possible. :)
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