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Apt-get for users


I am very new to this mailing list, and what I am going to deal with
might be completely stupid, or might have already been discussed in
other mailing lists. Anyway, I think it would be useful, at least for
me, but also for others.

There are many places where computers are managed by system
administrators, who have the 'root' account, and the user is not able
to use the packaging system to install his own applications : he has
to compile it by himself. My idea is to allow the user to use the
packaging system.

I think it would be possible to have a installed package database per
user, and allow packages to be installed in the $HOME of the
users. The system administrator would have statistics about the
softwares installed by the users, and if a package is installed by
many users, he can decided to install it system-wide, and remove it
from the $HOME of the users.

Of course, we need to think about it a little more, about security
problems, disk space usage problems and so on, but I think this is a
nice idea.


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